The Next Voice You Hear is for inquisitive minds in business, culture and any creative profession. Hosted by Wahn Yoon and Nevan Ryan, who represent two different generations of creative thinkers, The Next Voice You Hear  is founded on the idea that we are, whether we know it or not, living in a new "Renaissance", an explosive period of new ideas and paradigms. To succeed in this New Renaissance, we want to learn different perspectives on today's business, social and cultural tendencies, and, to use Einstein's famous phrase, "see the world anew". The Next Voice You Hear will feature interviews with guest speakers who are true Renaissance men and women from various industries such as media, publishing, design, innovation and advertising. We will explore ideas and always open minds to new ways of thinking.


For the last 20 years or so, Wahn has been inspiring minds with his thinking in strategy, branding, creativity, and culture. A native New Yorker who started in the theatre and film business working with great directors such as David Mamet and John Sayles, Wahn went on to apply his creative thinking to the world of marketing, branding and advertising, receiving his training as a strategist at J. Walter Thompson New York and Toronto. Now a proud Torontonian for the last decade, Wahn is co-founder of "practical think tank" L'Institut Idée and President of Bleublancrouge Toronto, a unique creative agency whose purpose is to help clients "change the course of things". Wahn is also a published poet and has spoken at conferences around the world on the role of creativity in business.


Nevan studied and practiced as a visual artist for 6 years and developed an endless interest in the world of creativity. Applying his creative mind to the business world, in 2016 Nevan led a team of developers and designers on developing an interactive marketing sales platform for Cisco Solutions. Most recently, he has focused his talents into marketing and advertising where he currently works for Bleublancrouge Toronto with Wahn Yoon. During his short time there, he has helped developed campaigns for the Government of Ontario, COLD-FX, and the Canadian Red Cross.